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We are changing our name to Roomify end of May! Stay tuned!

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Our Story

Getting into college is one of those moments you don’t forget. We knew for sure that the next four years were going to be some of the best years of our lives!

That excitement soon turned into stress when it was time to shop for our dorms.

We felt like we needed to buy everything on the 3 or 4 random checklists we had found. We didn’t know any better. We also spent nearly a week trying to find these essentials because everything was sold out in stores. Our parents were so overwhelmed and extremely frustrated by this process. But the frustration didn’t end there—once we both made it to our campuses, our parents had to make several more trips to retail stores to make sure we actually had everything we needed.



Our parents spent nearly $700 during the process, not to mention a countless amount of time, energy and unneeded stress. We never forgot this nerve-wracking experience and were convinced that there had to be a better way. After graduating college, we launched so we could provide incoming college students and their families a way to get their dorm room essentials without wasting time, money or their sanities.

Pick from our dorm packages and choose your look, then have it shipped to your home for free. Doesn’t get easier than that!